Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

… its new universal water-based primer and undercoat for blocked surfaces.

Its remarkable adhesion guarantees an adherence on closed substrates such as galvanised steel, glass paste, earthenware, polycarbonate, PVC…

Multi-substrate, interior and exterior, intended for new, renovation or maintenance work, it can be applied to the usual building backgrounds (plasterboard, renderings, concrete, bricks…), interior walls and ceilings, old glossy paints, varnishes, wood and derivatives, zinc stripped, pre-painted steel, rigid plastics, etc.

Polyvalent, with low odour and fast drying, it offers the following product-performance:

  • an important garnish.
  • an optimal opacity thanks to tinting in sustained tones
  • an quick recoatability (surface dry in 1 h; recoatable in 4 h)
  • flash-rust resistance.
  • a compatibility with acrylic and alkyd paints
  • a taut film appearance.

Its clean finish appearance is also ideal for high-end decorating work. This primer perfectly complements the ROYAL Range already composed of ROYALACRYL MAT, ROYALACRYL BOIS, ROYALE LAQUE, ROYAL SATIN, ROYAL FER, ROYAL EXPRESS products…

This product, environmentally friendly, has a VOC level of less than 1 g/litre, is classified A+, for indoor air emissions, and benefits from the Ecolabel HSE Environmental Health.

Can be tinted, even in bright shades, ROYALACRYL PRIM, available in 1 L, 4 L and 10 L, is delivered in white and in 1 L and 4 L, in all the colours of the DECOCOLOR colour chart.

For more information, we invite you to consult its Product Description Sheet on this Site

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