Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

The new Visual Identity of this range of products for wood and the recent launch of BOISÉA Hydrotec give us the opportunity to present these products to you.

The BOISÉA Range, the result of the latest technologies resulting from the R&D of our Laboratories, is made up of long-lasting for the protection and decoration of wood. They are intended, outdoors and indoors, for all equipment or structures made of solid wood: frames, cladding, joinery, panelling, doors, shutters, fences…

BOISÉA SATIN Evolution and BOISÉA MAT Ecolution are stains based on specific alkyd resins in solvent phase.

They are presented in the form of a fluid gel, slightly thixotropic, which does not run, thus facilitating application.

Their film, transparent to semi-transparent depending on the colour, highlights the wood grain. Their microporosity and their water-repellent character also allow a maintenance of the hygrometric balance.

BOISÉA SATIN Hydrotec is a water-based glaze, of satin aspect, formulated on the basis of a soft acrylic binder.

Microporous, hydrophobic and fongistatic, it provides protection against climatic aggressions, protection of the film against blue stain fungus and mould attacks, and protection against deterioration of appearance.

This product, odourless, with a high flexibility of the film, a very good hold on the tool allowing an easy application, and an excellent glide, offers an exceptional application comfort.

Its maintenance is aised and the cleaning of the equipment is done with water. Its transparent pigmentation provides a natural or decorative colour while respecting the wood grain.

It should be noted that these 3 stains contain an anti-U.V. additive which guarantees them an excellent durability.

BOISÉA SATIN Evolution, BOISÉA MAT Evolution and BOISÉA SATIN Hydrotec are available in 10 L, 4 L and 1 L and are supplied in colourless and in the shades of the BOISÉA range colour chart, all shades and countertypes being produced by tinting machine.

The BOISEA Range :


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