Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

Dear Customers,

As you have been able to see since 18 March 2020, despite the entry into containment of the whole of France, SOFRAMAP and its entire team have endeavoured, by scrupulously complying with health regulations and protective barriers against COVID 19, to provide you with the best possible service to support your activity. Our shipments have been maintained to ensure your stock levels.

You have all appreciated our effort and this is our greatest encouragement. It has been, once again for us, an important experience of partnership and solidarity with our distributors. Today the hope of a more general recovery is reborn with the gradual removal of this containment, which is essential to our health but which is fraught with economic consequences. More than ever, our teams are mobilising, every day a little more, to follow this evolution and to bring you a “normal” service rate that you are used to and that you have the right to expect from your partner.

You can count on us! We are there, at our posts, ready to serve you and gradually to assist you again in the field of your agencies and your customers’ sites.

Please accept, Sir, Madam, Dear Customers, the expression of our enthusiastic devotion to your service.