Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

SOFRAMAP expands its ZAPAFOR Range!

The ZAPAFOR Range, specifically dedicated to floors and horizontal surfaces, provides a technical and decorative response for all types of domestic or moderate use sites both indoors and outdoors.

After ZAPAFOR HYDROTEC which was recently unveiled to you, as well as ZAPAFOR FIX S, we announce the release of ZAPAFOR EVOLUTION.

Simplicity, Efficiency, Durability: 3 products for floor protection and decoration!

ZAPAFOR HYDROTEC is a water-based floor and wall paint, formulated with methacrylic and acrylic resins, offering great comfort of application and can be re-doubled within the day for quick return to service of premises. It slows down the carbonation of concrete, and is also particularly designed for facade elements such as window sills, balcony fascias or architectural fibre concrete elements.

ZAPAFOR FIX S is a solvent-based fixer for use as a primer for concrete substrates. It has been specially developed for ZAPAFOR systems. A single component, it has excellent adhesion and also allows absorption control of porous concrete.

ZAPAFOR EVOLUTION is a mono-component solvent-borne alkyd-urethane resin paint. The hardness of its film offers a very good resistance to abrasion as well as a high level of satin. Easy to maintain due to its dustproof properties, it also gives the possibility to decorate all types of floors (concrete, wood parquet) thanks to a colour from the 1320 references of the DECOCOLOR Fantasia and the entire RAL colour charts.

Note that the 2 finishing paints display an A+ rating for Indoor Air Quality.

ZAPAFOR HYDROTEC and ZAPAFOR EVOLUTION are available in 15L, 4L and 1L.

ZAPAFOR FIX S is available in 4L and 1L

For more information, we invite you to consult the dedicated pages on this Site and to download the Product Data Sheets and the commercial brochure.