Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

Following the recent arrival of AKTU PRIM primer in the AKTU Range, here is our new finish: AKTU MAT-VELOURS.

Like AKTU MAT, AKTU VELOURS and AKTU SATIN, AKTU MAT-VELOURS benefits from the latest “alkyd emulsion and acrylic” technologies and combines the simplicity of acrylic paints with the advantages of glycero.

Remarkable comfort of application: excellent glide, perfect distribution on the surface, no odour, easy cleaning of tools, with water…

Technical and aesthetic performance: high filling power, optimal opacity, long-lasting whiteness, optimised open time, easy maintenance, unlimited colour range, quick drying authorising rapid reintegration of premises, therefore ideal for PAB (Public-Access Building)…

Polyvalence: new, maintenance or renovation sites, walls and ceilings, glass canvases…

This interior surfaces water-based paint, has a fine poached appearance and a matte-velvet finish: gloss index at 60° = 5 and at 85° = 12. Front matte and velvety in grazing light, AKTU MAT-VELOUTÉ is therefore perfectly suited to contemporary constructions with large openings.

Offering good water vapour permeability, it also has excellent wet abrasion resistance: class 1.

Formulated with strict respect for the environment and the health of users, like the other products in this AKTU Range, AKTU MAT-VELVOUTÉ, with VOC levels of less than 1 g/litre, benefits from the European Ecolabel, an A+ rating and also the Excell + Label, which guarantees the quality of indoor air and the preservation of food integrity, in the food and wine industry as well as in all sensitive living areas.

His very low environmental footprint, the labels and the FDES allow AKTU MAT-VELOUTÉ to meet the requirements of HQE® construction sites.

Available in white and in all the colours of the DECOCOLOR colour chart, in 15 L, 4 L and 1 L.

For more information, please consult its Product Description Sheet on this Site.

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