Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

… its new long-lasting water-based satin stain for the protection and decoration of wood.

Intended for new, renovation or maintenance work, outside (except colourless) and inside, it can be applied to all wooden equipment or structures: frameworks, cladding, joinery (friezes, frames, doors, shutters, fences…).

Formulated with a flexible acrylic binder and an anti-u.v. filter, it has a transparent or semi-transparent film that enhances the wood’s grain and structure.

Hydro-repellent, microporous and fungistatic, this stain offers excellent durability.

Its main functions are:

–  a surface protection against climatic aggression,

– a protection of the film against ultra-violet rays,

– protection of the film against attacks by blue stain fungi or moulds (biostatic),

– protection against deterioration in appearance.

BOISÉA HYDROTEC has an exceptional comfort of application: low odour, flexibility of the film, safety of use, easy maintenance, cleaning of the equipment with water…

This product, environmentally friendly, has less than 1 g/L of VOC, is classified A+, for indoor air emissions, and benefits from the Ecolabel HSE Environmental Health.

BOISÉA HYDROTEC, available in 10 L, 4 L and 1 L, is delivered colourless and in the colours of the BOISÉA range,

All colours and patterns can be produced with a tinting machine.

For more information, we invite you to consult the Product Description Sheet on this site.

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