Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

SOFRAMAP launches ROYAL EXPRESS, its new fast-drying solvent-based PU Paint-Lacquer!

The formulation of ROYAL EXPRESS products, based on alkyd-urethane resins, presents high technical and aesthetic performances:

  • high film hardness after drying
  • excellent resistance to rubbing and scratching
  • remarkable stretch and finish
  • lasting protection over time
  • optimised drying (surface dry 4h – recoatable 12h)
  • strong covering and opacifying power
  • high yield
  • washability of the film (wet abrasion resistance class 1)
  • easy application
  • large choice of shades…

Available in satin and gloss appearance and intended for new, maintenance or high-end renovation sites, these 2 polyvalent paint-lacquers can be applied to:

  • metal joinery and fittings, frames and ironwork,
  • the railings, grilles, stair railings,
  • lift doors and shafts,
  • service and landing doors
  • the shutters and blinds.
  • woodwork (chair rails, frames, baseboards)

ROYAL EXPRESS BRILLANT and ROYAL EXPRESS SATIN can be used in exterior and interior work (ROYAL EXPRESS SATIN, on wood, is for interior use only).

Benefiting from an A+ rating for Indoor Air Quality, ROYAL EXPRESS BRILLANT and ROYAL EXPRESS SATIN are available in 10 L, 4 L and 1 L with an unlimited colour range.