Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

Discover this completely redesigned new version.

This bundle, a true source of inspiration and decision-making tool, is composed of a selection of 170 shades covering the main chromatic values representative of facade decoration, as well as 16 “marble look” colours.

This collection reflects the different regional specificities and traditional and current colour trends.

On this new edition, the shades are illustrated on an entire sheet, to ensure optimal visualization and simplified location of the different shades; the latter being classified by colour family to facilitate comparison and association of tones and harmonies.

You will also find a text sheet introducing our Colour RSC Technology® – Controlled Solar Reflection – authorising sustained colours in facades (bright or saturated tones) in strict compliance with the rules of art.

The selection of shades, benefiting from all the expertise of the SOFRAMAP Colour Laboratory, is tinted in the factory and at points of sale using our DECOCOLOR System and our USF high-performance VOC-free colourants.

We wish you good discovery of this new SOFRAMAP tool.