Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

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Colourless methacrylic waterproofing fixative in solvent phase. For fixing and hardening old substrates or regulating the absorption of raw materials. Can also be used for waterproofing and protecting uncracked raw materials.

  • Strengthens the cohesion of porous and/or friable substrates.
  • Unsaponifiable.
  • Hydrophobic.
  • Biostatic.

PERFORMANCE : 5 to 10 m2/litre in fixative and 1 to 2 m2/litre in water repellent.

DENSITY : 0.83 ± 0.05 kg/dm3.

MATERIAL : brush bristle, 12 mm non-drip roller, sprayer, airless gun.

DILUTION : with Synthetic Thinner.

PACKAGING : available in 25 L, 5 L and 1 L.

TINTS : delivered in colourless.

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