Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals

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Water based product, with satin-velvety finish made of acrylic copolymer for a sustainable use as indoor antibacterial paint. Indoor walls and ceilings of dry rooms. Particularly adapted to rooms and corridors of hospitals and clinics, to canteens and other premises where the development of infectious hazards is controlled.

CONSUMPTION : 12 to 13 m2/liter per coat.

DENSITY : 1,47 ± 0,05 kg/dm3 (white).

TOOLS : Acrylic brush, rouleau Polyamide roller textured 8 – 12 mm mesh, Airless spray gun.


PACKAGING: available in 10 L, 4 L and 1 L.

TINTS : Delivered in white and all tints of the DECOCOLOR colour chart.

  • Antimicrobial (E.Coli et MRSA)
  • Garnishing and Opacifying
  • Wash resistant
  • Highly Recommanded for health institutions
  • Premises can be reopened the same day.
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