Solutions de peintures et revêtements pour les professionnels

Paints and coatings solutions for professionals


A Passion for Color

Color is an integral part of our environment. It is the illustration of our desires, our emotions or our lifestyle. Soframap paints can be tinted among the more than 85,000 references offered by our DECOCOLOR Tinting System.
Our FANTASIA color chart includes 1320 colors, carefully selected by experts and divided into 2 groups:

  • 32 “Natural” shades offering a subtle and delicate decorative palette.
  • 1288 shades classified by color family and declined from the lightest to the darkest.

The harmony thus obtained facilitates the association of shades and will accompany you in all your creations both indoors and outdoors.
We also have a FACADES color chart of 170 shades that reflects the different regional specificities and the traditional and current coloristic trends; and a RAL color chart.

SOFRAMAP - Nuancier Décocolor Fantasia

A Universal Tinting System

The result of the research and technology of the ALLIOS Group, our DECOCOLOR® system guarantees a high level of performance for the tinting of our professional paints and coatings. The quality of the pigments chosen for our colorants assures you :

  • a remarquable opacity,
  • excellent reliability and repeatability of shades,
  • very good color durability.

Our USF colorants, totally free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), are fully in line with our global environmental approach and thus contribute to the respect of Nature and the Health of users. In addition, for products containing less than 1 g/L of VOCs or Ecolabel certified, tinting with our USF pigments enables us to maintain this performance, which is increasingly demanded by clients, particularly for HQE®, BREEAM or LEED® projects.

Formulated to cover the entire color space, the 15 universal USF colorants and the 2 TU colorants (for stains) allow, with only 3 bases per product :

  • to achieve all shades including Yellow, Orange, Red and Bordeaux without using pre-tinted bases.
  • to have a simplified management thanks to the reduction of the stock of bases, to an improved rotation, to a saving of space on the ground as well as a reduction of the financial immobilization.

All the formulas of the SOFRAMAP colour charts and of most of the players in the paint market are available in the CAMaT-DECOCOLOR® software supplied with the tinting machine. To date, our colour library has more than 85 000 references of colors, more than 200 color charts and this last one is enriched with each new version. Moreover, our Colour Department remains at your disposal for any request for specific formulation or for the matching of all the colour charts on the market.

Color RSC Technology

The COLOR RSC® technology meets the current needs of architects, design offices, project managers and contractors to offer dark colors in facades. More and more contemporary architectural projects highlight the identity of the building thanks to sustained colors normally prohibited by the DTU.

The COLOR RSC® technology, resulting from the R&D of our laboratories, reduces the absorption of solar radiation (IR and UV) thanks to the “sun-reflecting” properties of the pigments used in the composition of paints. The bright colors can thus be used outdoors in strict compliance with the rules of the art.
The benefits of this technology are multiple:

  • an increased preservation of the building,
  • greater durability of facade cladding,
  • a color field offering unlimited creative possibilities.
Soframap la technologie RCSrcs

Discover our Digital Fandecks

In order to help you in your projects, visualize the thousands of shades of our two main color charts by accessing our digital fandeck.