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Included in a process of preservation of the environment as well as in the process of sustainable development, the SOFRAMAP environmental range consists in a selection of high-performance, environmentally friendly products allowing to realize all buildings.


Mindful of its commitment in this environmental approach, our research and development laboratory makes every effort to formulate and propose paintings respecting our planet for future generations.


SOFRAMAP is acting for a long time for the control and the reduction of environmental impacts from the manufacture and use of paint products. Thus, its site of production in Villeneuve-Loubet (France) is, since now several years, certified ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management system) and ISO 14001: 2004 (environmental management system). The main environmental objectives, in addition to strict compliance with the regulations, are, :


  • An energy consumption control
  • reduction of emission in the air.
  • treatment of water (integrated water treatment plant).
  • An optimized management of waste.
  • An environmental awareness for all employees.
  • high prevention against pollution risks linked to any industrial activity.



In addition to the environmental and health impacts inherent to the manufacturing process, SOFRAMAP markets "eco-responsible" products. To reach this goal, we engaged ourselves in a voluntary and ambitious approach to optimize performances of our products in terms of Hygiene, health and environment.


More than a simple label, we wanted to get involved in a real "system approach". 


Eco-building & HQE ® approach 



The HQE ® approach, is a voluntary action from a growing concern about environment, with the double objective to look for a better quality of life and the preservation of environmental resources 


In order to be integrated into this approach, SOFRAMAP writes environmental and sanitary form declaration (ESFD) which are indispensable to meet the eco-design demands such as high environmental quality (HQE ®) construction sites or Habitat and environment (H & E ®). 



The eco-label health health environment


SOFRAMAP sales 23 products with the Ecolabel standard HSE (Hygiene health environment) 


The ESFD is a self-declaration established according to international standard NF EN ISO 14021 to attest to the reduction of environmental impacts. With the ESFD, this declaration, is an standard eco-label to prioritize the ecological quality of the construction works. 

With this approach, SOFRAMAP is also committed to provide products that meet the following criteria :


  • Absence of elements(substances or preparations) entering in the composition of the product labelled as very toxic, toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic.
  • Absence of substances classified as toxic for the reproduction (CMR category 2) which belong to the family of dangerous glycol ethers.
  • Absence of pigments and other substances based on heavy metals such as lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), chromium VI (Cr VI), mercury (Hg), arsenic (As).
  • Reduction of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) according to the requirements of the directive 2004/42/EC.
  • Absence of plasticizers classified as dangerous for the environment (in particular of dibutyl, dioctyl or di 2-ethyl-hexyl phthalate).
  • Absence of alkyphenolethoxylathes (APEOS) in the formulation of the product. 
  • The Formaldehyde rate in the product is less than or equal to 10 mg/kg.
  • Volatile Aromatic hydrocarbons (V.A.H) rate egal to zero.
  • Absence of emissions of trichloroethylene and phthalates in accordance with the Decree of April 30, 2009 completed in accordance with the Decree of April 30, 2009 completed.


All these innovations allow SOFRAMAP to be at the forefront both technically and environmentally, offering to its customers the possibility to meet all requirements in these areas.



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