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ALLIOS , family group created there over 60 years , achieved in 2014 a turnover of 74 million euros and produces 25 000 tons of paint in its two French factories

Independent French Paint Manufacturer for the building, the Group employs 320 people, and sell its productions in France and 25 foreign countries. It has also 3 factories outside our borders, to Moscow, Baku, and Karaganda.

Since 1995, ALLIOS also focused successfully on the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality control and protection of the environment.






The history of SOFRAMAP solidly forged its vocation to promote and strengthen the independence of its favoured customers.

Without ever entering the capital of its independent wholesalers, SOFRAMAP works everyday to bring them competitivity and credibility.


Our main concern : the Service to our customers!


With more than 60 years of experience in the design and realization of paintings, SOFRAMAP offers to its distributors, a particularly wide and deep range offering an answer to almost all of the needs of the professionals of the building. 


The performance of its laboratories, substantial investments, both in the field of painting in colorimetry, the efficiency of its production and its logisticsl, make that his paintings are delivered within optimum time, at competitive prices, in a quality which combines performance and respect for the environment


SOFRAMAP offers a permanent sales and technical support, provided by a team of professionals (recommendation on construction, demonstration of application, information for wholesalers, specifiers and applicators). 


Its human dimension, allows that "listening to the customer and the search for its permanent Satisfaction", are no longer a simple desire to strategic, but the real "spinal cord" of the company, which generates at all levels and to all his collaborators the desire and the objective to better serve


SOFRAMAP offers to its customers a solid and stable team combining complementary skills.


The result is a exceptional partnership where the quality of the relationship and mutual trust make sense. It is not only listen to sell, but to listen to better understand, better share and better answer


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